Download PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 APK + Data Terbaru

Download PUBG mobile apk terbaru+ data 0.17.0 – Mainkan official PUBG Mobile sekarang!. PUBG merupakan salah satu game terpopuler yang tersedia untuk PC dan konsol dan dirilis pada 2017. Pada 2018 akhirnya dirilis-lah PUBG Mobile dan tersedia untuk pengguna Android dan iOS. PUBG Mobile 2019 menjadi salah satu game dengan pemain terbanyak.

Download PUBG Mobile apk terbaru sekarang!

PUBG sendiri bukanlah game abal-abal karena versi PC-nya merupakan salah satu game dengan predikat best-selling di STEAM, ya memang untuk versi PC dan Konsol game ini adalah game berbayar alias anda harus membelinya terlebih dahulu sebelum bisa memainkanya. Namun tenang saja PUBG Mobile adalah game gratis atau free to play yang bisa langsung dimainkan.

Description: Download PUBG Mobile APK versi Terbaru

PUBG Mobile Terbaru Compatibile Device 2019

Untuk bisa memainkan PUBG Mobile recomended requirement yang diperlukan adalah Smartphone yang minimal sudah menjalankan Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, free space memory 1 GB hingga 3 GB dan memiliki kapasitas RAM minimal 2 GB agar lancar saat memainkanya.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 Apk data Terbaru Android 2020

Anda bisa mengunduhnya langsung dari Google Play Store. Namun anda juga bisa download apk dan data obb secara manual. maka dari itu kami akan membagikan link download PUBG Mobile apk data terbaru dibawah ini.

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Yang baru di PUBG Mobile apk 0.17.0

PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 rilis pada 3 Maret di iOS dan Android. Pembaruan akan aktif tanpa server downtime jadi pemain tetap bisa bermain dengan normal tanpa menunggu waktu maintenance yang lama. Perlu dicatat bahwa Erangel 2.0 tidak akan disertakan dalam pembaruan ini karena developer menyatakan tidak ingin terburu-buru untuk mempercepat rilisnya. Jadi Erangel 2.0 akan tetap dalam pengerjaan dan pengembangan agar lebih optimal lagi. Dan dalam update kali ini akan bertemakan musim dingin yang akan ditemukan di seluruh menu utama dan berbagai event yang akan datang kedepan. Simak ulasan dibawah untuk detail lebih lengkap mengenai update kali ini.

1. Important Updates

  • 2nd Anniversary is here with an Amusement Park at Erangel!
    • Join a match on Erangel for a chance to experience the Amusement Park.
    • Games and attractions include Shooting Range, Gashapon Machines, and a Trampoline!
    • Try out the Reverse Bungee – launch into the air to new heights!
  • Hardcore Mode
    • No sound prompts and manual actions are required to pick-up and open/close doors, all to give you a more realistic experience.
  • Animasi Baru
  • Royale Pass Season 12: 2gether We Play! (Available March 9th)
  • Arctic Mode: Brand New Survival Experience (Available Soon)
  • New AirDrop Weapon: DBS Shotgun
  • New Arcade Mode: Return of Hardcore Mode
  • Death Replay (Bisa melihat ulangan bagaimana setelah dibunuh musuh)
  • Colorblind Mode (Mode yang akan membantu pemain yang memiliki kondisi buta warna)

2. New Features:

Beberapa fitur baru yang akan ditemukan dalam update PUBG Mobile kali ini:

  • Return of Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode can be selected in the Arcade Mode selection screen. In this mode, there are no sound prompts, manual actions are required like pick-up and opening/closing doors. This mode gives players a more realistic shooting and survival experience.

Mode EvoGround Baru:

  • Added Arctic Mode (coming soon)

Based on Classic Mode gameplay, arctic storms will appear periodically in Vikendi. Players will need to maintain and keep their body temperature high through various means, otherwise, their health will continuously decrease.

  • Ways to maintain body temperature:

Use a lighter to light a fire indoors and gather branches to add to the fire to increase the heating time.

Hunt chickens to acquire raw chicken and roast it on the fire, then consume the roast chicken to restore body temperature.

Use items such as the heater or heat packs.

  • Other Contents:

Snowboards from the Winter Festival will also appear in this mode for players to enjoy snowboarding.

Added Drones that can scout the surrounding area, leading to new tactics.

EvoGround Gameplay Adjustments

Survive Till Dawn and RageGear – PickUp will be removed for further tuning after the update. Please keep an eye on the update notes for future release dates.

  • Team Deathmatch – Camera Improvements
    • Improved the camera shaking and position adjustment in some situations in Team Deathmatch FPP mode to increase realism.
  • EvoGround Gameplay Adjustments
    • Survive Till Dawn and RageGear – PickUp will be removed for further tuning after the update. Please keep an eye on the update notes for future release dates.
  • Team Deathmatch – Camera Improvements
    • Improved the camera shaking and position adjustment in some situations in Team Deathmatch FPP mode to increase realism.

System Features: Brothers in Arms Function

Through Brothers in Arms, veterans with rich game experience will guide and play together with rookies in the game. Rookies can learn from the veterans and master the game quickly, while the veterans can receive great rewards.

Players can enter the Brothers in Arms system and register as a Rookie or Veteran. Rookies send invitations to recommended Veterans, and Veterans who have enabled the Rookie Matching status will receive the invitation. The two will enter the battle after matching, which supports Classic mode rating calculations.

Perubahan dalam Classic Mode :

  • Upgraded Dacia and UAZ models
  • Modified the UZI model: added an upper guide for equipping the Red Dot and Holographic Sight
  • Improved skydiving animation: added parachute descending and disappearing effects when landing, and improved the character landing animation
  • Control Settings – Custom Layout Improvements: Increased maximum button size adjustability to 250%
  • Control Settings – New Custom Setting Feature: The left Fire button can be moved off of the edge of the screen as long as the center point of the button is on the screen
  • Improved the Molotov Cocktail flame particle effect
  • Improved the Frag Grenade blast effect on different surface materials
  • Added player standby emotes on all maps in Classic Mode. For example, the Shivering emote will be the standby emote while playing on Vikendi. The standby emote is only visible to the player and their teammates in battle.
  • Added a second confirmation to the Reset button in Custom Settings to prevent players from resetting the layout by mistake.
  • Removed the unnecessary virtual sound settings for vehicles. Fixed issues of Dacia idle volume being too low, Motorcycle idle volume being too high and Rony idle volume being too high.

4. Feature Improvements

Improved Bluetooth headphone latency on some Android models

5. Improved Performance

Improved vegetation and combat rendering efficiency for smoother gaming and lower power consumption

Improved low-level logic and UI efficiency on some Android models for lower power consumption at the same frame rate

Increased the combat frame rate of some low-end devices for a smoother gaming experience

Further improved the power consumption of some mid to high-end devices

Improved the frame length issue on some Android devices for a smoother operating experience.

6. Effect Upgrade

Added support for streamers, plush, neon streamers, and better UI/ fabric effects.

Post image

7. Added Team Reservation

Players with 50 or higher Synergy can send Team Reservation messages to friends in the game.

Players in the game can receive friends’ Team Reservation messages and choose to accept or decline.

When the reserved player returns to the Lobby, the system will send a notification for the duo to team up.

8. Popularity Improvements

Added high-value gift “Airplane” with additional playback effect in player Spaces.

Added Message. Players can attach a message when sending Sports Cars or Airplanes, and the player who receives the message can perform Pin, Reply, Delete and other actions (Also added Block Message to Blacklist).

Added a Send Popularity Gifts function to the battle results interface of Teammate Spectating, EvoGround, and Team Deathmatch modes.

9. Synergy Feature Improvements

Improved Synergy through teaming up with or gifting coins among friends.

Some space gifts can also help improve Synergy when sent to friends, which has no daily Intimacy increase limit.

Adjusted the proportion of Synergy increasing when sending gifts in Shop.

Fixed the issue of losing connection to the application in some situations.

10. Radio Feature

Added chat item “Radio.” Players can use the Radio to post Radio messages, which have an exclusive effect, on the World channel

Players can receive Radio messages in the main menu or in the World channel, or choose to block the Radio channel in Settings

11. Crew Challenge Upgrade

Player and crew verifications are required for players participating in Crew Challenge. Players in a crew need to link social platforms or complete in-game missions to increase their and their crew’s verification points. Only crews that meet the corresponding verification requirements can advance to each phase of the Crew Challenge.

A fair and exciting game requires a safe environment. For Group and Finals phases, a security test is required before the game begins.

12. Bonus Challenge – Tournaments

Experience the thrill of advancement: Daily Match -> Weekly Match -> Monthly Match competitions! Monthly match champions will advance to the online finals and compete for the opportunity to enter the offline finals or to watch the global finals at the venue and see well-known players in action!

Open daily to all: Six major divisions with matches every day

13. Esports Center

Added a landing page for players to find interesting content easily

Added Influencer & Crew options to the Video Center for players to follow their favorites, watch videos related to them, and send messages to them

Other Improvements: Increased loading speed for a smoother experience.

14. Added Grenade kill broadcast

Added legendary Golden Grenade Finish with Death Broadcast

15. Inventory Improvements

Added Close-Up View: The game will automatically switch to close-up view when players are trying on helmets, hats, glasses, masks, and backpacks

16. Rookie Mission

Improved the 7 Day Rookie Missions tutorials and rewards

17. Tutorial Improvements

Removed the Graphics Quality Selection prompt in the tutorial.

Changed the Tutorial options from three to two, and game type proficiency options from Shooting Game to Battle Royale Game

18. Download Improvements

Improved download status: When a download task is in the waiting queue, players can tap the task again to cancel the wait and restore the status to downloading.

Reset Resources Pack and Map Expansion Pack rewards, which can be collected after downloading.

Game Balance, New Firearms and Vehicles:

Dalam update kali ini terdapat balancing item dan senjata in-game. Seperti AWM dan Shotgun di nerf. Sementara SMG, Crossbow, S12K, bolt action sniper rifle dan lainnya di buff. Berikut selengkapnya

  1. Classic mode – Firearm balancing:
    • Slightly increased rifle burst mode rate of fire.
    • M16A4 balance adjustment: Slightly increased burst mode rate of fire and increased vertical and horizontal recoil.
    • Increased Mk47’s single-shot damage from 46 to 48.

3. Royale Pass Season 12: 2gether We Play (available from March 9th)

Celebrate the 2nd anniversary of PUBG MOBILE with Royale Pass reward upgrades. Choose one ultimate set out of two. Anniversary theme items are returning to the Shop, don’t miss out!

Improved the Purchase and Upgrade interface display and added support for Exclusive Vouchers (available from events).

Players who haven’t purchase a Royale Pass in the past 3 seasons (9, 10 and 11) and players who registered from season 10 but haven’t purchased a Royale Pass before will receive bonus benefits when they purchase this season.

Link Download Apk PUBG Versi Terbaru


Download PUBG Mobile apk version 0.17.0

Download DATA

Download PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 obb disini 1,6 GB

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Detail File APK :

Version: 0.17.0 (11800)
File name : com.tencent.ig
Size : 47 MB Apk, 1,6 GB Data 
Min: Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean MR2, API 18)
Target: Android 8.1 (Oreo, API 27)
Updated : 3 Maret 2020

Cara Install PUBG Mobile Terbaru

  1. Install file Apk diatas seperti saat install aplikasi biasa biasa.
  2. Selanjutnya Ekstrak file data PUBG.
  3. Pindahkan folder com.tencent.ig ke folder Android/obb.
  4. Jalankan game PUBG Mobile apk terbaru.
  5. Done. Enjoy Chiken dinner!!

Tunggu apa lagi? Download PUBG Mobile apk terbaru sekarang juga dan mainkan di smartphone kamu, main solo, maupun squad dengan teman lalu raih Chicken dinner sebanyak-banyaknya! Happy gaming J

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